“If music is, arguably, the most artificial aspect of filmmaking,
it stands to reason it is also the most susceptible to misuse and abuse.” -
Richard Bellis

My interest in film music was always in the background of many other artistic musical activities. I started my musical education very early. At age seven I began to attend accordion classes. At the same time I was singing in a boys choir - Pueri Cantores Sancti Nicolai - and also trying my best to learn some piano.

During the next few years I was extending my instrumental education by learning to play guitar and some percussive instruments as well. I was performing with a few bands, usually as a vocalist.

At the beginning of 2007, I finally came to Lodz where I started a career with The Gospel Time. I still sing with them to this day. We've taken part in many important events, including the world renowned "You’ve got Talent" and "Must be the Music". Also we took part in many music workshops, lead by well known gospel singers.

In the meantime I have been extending my film music knowledge in all aspects, and have started taking my dream a little more seriously. I wrote music for a few animations and movies. I also took part in the Zurich International Film Music Competition and the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition.

In 2014 Last Island with my music won Ofafa Animation Festival in Cracow.

9th November 2014, Baja's Secret Miracle, a documentary with my two songs, won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit.

It’s always exciting to watch how music interacts with the screen. Writing music for film and media is not an easy task, but it gives me a unique and creative satisfaction to do something incredible.